NativeScript Code Samples

To go beyond the basic getting started article and get real NativeScript code for common scenarios, we maintain a series of small, purpose-driven code samples that you can use in your applications.

The code is open source and organized in a single GitHub repo. There is a companion application that includes all of the samples. You can get the source code of the application and start exploring the code there, or you can read the documentation articles associated with each of the examples. The application is also very useful as a NativeScript playground - you can use the source code as a starting point and modify it to fit your app needs.

The sample code is currently Angular based;

It is very easy to contribute to the samples and we encourage you to add any samples you think will be useful for other developers. If you’d like to request a new sample, please open an issue so that other member of the community can help you.

Please read the contribution guide here.

All the samples have automated tests associated with them and you can be sure that they work with the latest NativeScript version.

Currently, the samples are written around specific APIs, but we will be adding more “complete scenarios” implemented out of the box.

We hope you will enjoy using this resource. If you have any other feedback please open an issue.

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