Activity Indicator

The ActivityIndicator represents a UI widget which displays a progress indicator hinting the user for some background operation running like loading image, data, accepting a request, etc. You can control its behavior by setting or binding to its busy property.

API Reference for ActivityIndicator Class

Native Component

Android iOS
android.widget.ProgressBar (indeterminate = true) UIActivityIndicatorView


Setting Busy

You can work with its busy property and set it to true or false, thus displaying or hiding the control.

Setting an activity indicator’s busy property:

<Button row="0" text="Modify Busy property" (tap)="(activityIndicator.busy = !activityIndicator.busy)" class="btn btn-primary btn-active" ></Button>
<ActivityIndicator row="1" #activityIndicator busy="true" (busyChange)="onBusyChanged($event)" width="100" height="100" class="activity-indicator"></ActivityIndicator>

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