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The previous article shows how to debug the runtime and the application, but what if the problem is at build time?

Debugging the metadata generator

  • Open the android-runtime test-app in Android Studio. /your/path/android-runtime/test-app

Open Edit Configurations

  • edit configurations

Add jar configuration to your Android Studio Project

  • add jar config

Set path to the static-binding-generator.jar inside your project <app_name>/platforms/android/build-tools/static-binding-generator.jar And set the Working directory to: <app_name>/platforms/android/build-tools

  • path to jar and pwd

Run debug

  • debug brk point

Debugging the js_parser

Open <app_name>/platforms/android/build-tools/jsparser folder in Visual Studio Code.

Add Node configuration

  • set-node-config

Run debug

  • run vscode debug

Debugging the static binding generator

You can follow the identical steps described for debugging the metadata generator!