NativeScript Angular

System Requirements

The recommended ways to create NativeScript Applications is through the Command-Line Interface (CLI).

Supported API Levels

+The Android Runtime is built against API level 17. The minimum supported compile SDK version is 22. For all supported API levels the metadata is created (mappings between JavaScript and Java/Kotlin worlds). Detailed information about the NativeScript metadata can be found in the Metadata Overview article.

Note: You can not use APIs that are not present in the generated metadata from JavaScript. Still, you may build your application using higher API level given your code is compatible with the metadata API level.

Supported Application Binary Interfaces (ABI)

Currently supported are the following CPU instruction sets:

  • armeabi-v7a -This is an ARM-based CPU instruction set that extends the standard ARM one and adds support for hardware floating-point support and multiple CPU cores.

  • arm64-v8a - This ABI is for ARMv8-A based CPUs, which support the 64-bit AArch64 architecture. It includes the Advanced SIMD (Neon) architecture extensions.

  • x86 - This is an Application Binary Interface (ABI) that supports the instruction set commonly named x86 or IA-32.

  • x64 - This is the 64-bit version of the x86 instruction set. It supports larger amounts of virtual and physical memory than it was possible on its predecessor. It is backward compatible with 32-bit x86 code