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Get support

Where to get help

The NativeScript framework has a vibrant community that’s here to help when you run into problems.

If you hit an issue, start by seeing if anyone else has reported the problem on Stack Overflow or the deprecated NativeScript community forum. If you can’t find any information, try creating a new question on Stack Overflow with any details needed to recreate the issue.

If you’ve found an issue with the NativeScript framework itself, please report the problem in the appropriate GitHub repository.

How to obtain diagnostic reports

When you find a bug or crash in NativeScript there are some additional diagnostic logs that can be very useful in tracking down the reasons behind the faulty behavior. Depending on the component which could be responsible, there are different settings that you can switch.


You can use the --log trace option of tns to enable the most detailed diagnostic output. The accepted values of the log option are info, debug and trace (in increasing detailness)

Example: tns build ios --log trace

Android Runtime

If you suspect that the Android Runtime behaves incorrectly you can enable verbose output of its actions by calling the __enableVerboseLogging function in your main app.js file. If your project is written in TypeScript, you'll have to declare the function before calling it.


  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
declare var __enableVerboseLogging : any;

Afterwards you should launch your application and reproduce the issue:

  1. Clear the device's logcat by executing adb logcat -c
  2. Start the application and perform the steps required to reproduce the problem
  3. Save the logcat to a text file by executing adb logcat -d >logcat.txt
  4. Open and analyze the generated logcat.txt file or attach it to your issue in GitHub if you need assistence.

iOS Runtime

In order to obtain device logs you can use the Console application

  1. Launch Console
  2. Select your device from the left-hand side pane
  3. Press the Clear button from the toolbar
  4. Launch the application and reproduce the problem
  5. Click in the messages pane of Console
  6. Select all (Edit | Select All from the menu or ⌘+A)
  7. Copy (Edit | Copy from the menu or ⌘+C)
  8. Open a new file in TextEdit or your text editor of choice
  9. Paste the copied text and save the file
  10. Analyze the file or attach it to your GitHub issue in order to get assistence