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  • Picking an Architecture for Your NativeScript App

Picking an Architecture for Your NativeScript App

The open nature of NativeScript makes it possible to use popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and Vue.js. Sometimes with these options, though, comes a "paradox of choice". This brief article provides high level guidance as to which route you may want to take for your next NativeScript app.

nativescript core logo NativeScript Core (a.k.a. vanilla JavaScript/TypeScript)
nativescript angular logo NativeScript + Angular
nativescript vue logo NativeScript + Vue.js

1) Do you already know Angular? Use angular. Using Vue.js, and like it? You'll love vue.

2) Is start up time and performance your top concern? Use nativescript core. (But you can make angular and vue nearly as fast with some optimizations.)

3) Will your app have a lot of components and/or complex views (i.e. showing/hiding items, different templates)? Use angular or vue. You may find the structure provided by those frameworks makes it a lot easier to build and maintain complex apps.