NativeScript Angular

tns extension uninstall


Uninstalls the specified extension, after which you will no longer be able to use the functionality added by this extensions to the NativeScript CLI.


Usage Synopsis
General $ tns extension uninstall <Extension>


  • <Extension> is the name of the extension as listed in its package.json file.
Command Description
extension Prints information about all installed extensions.
extension-uninstall Uninstalls specified extension.
extension-install Installs specified extension.
autocomplete-status Prints the current status of your command-line completion settings.
autocomplete-enable Configures your current command-line completion settings.
autocomplete-disable Disables command-line completion for bash and zsh shells.
usage-reporting Configures anonymous usage reporting for the NativeScript CLI.
error-reporting Configures anonymous error reporting for the NativeScript CLI.
doctor Checks your system for configuration problems which might prevent the NativeScript CLI from working properly.
proxy Displays proxy settings.
proxy clear Clears proxy settings.
proxy set Sets proxy settings.
update Updates the project with the latest versions of iOS/Android runtimes and cross-platform modules.