NativeScript Angular

tns migrate


Migrates the app dependencies to a form compatible with NativeScript 6.0. Running this command will not affect the codebase of the application and you might need to do additional changes manually.

The migrate command will update "webpack.config.js", "karma.conf.js", "tsconfig.tns.json"(not for code sharing projects) and "package-lock.json". The original files will be moved to ".migration_backup" folder. The following folders will be removed: "hooks", "platforms" and "node_modules". The "hooks" folder will also be backed up in ".migration_backup" folder.

The "nativescript-dev-sass" and "nativescript-dev-typescript" dependencies will be replaced with "node-sass" and "typescript" respectively. The "nativescript-dev-less" dependency will be removed, but to enable LESS CSS support the user should follow the steps in this feature request: feature request.

The following dependencies will be updated if needed:

  • tns-core-modules
  • tns-core-modules-widgets
  • tns-platform-declarations
  • nativescript-dev-webpack
  • nativescript-camera
  • nativescript-geolocation
  • nativescript-imagepicker
  • nativescript-permissions
  • nativescript-social-share
  • nativescript-ui-chart
  • nativescript-ui-dataform
  • nativescript-ui-gauge
  • nativescript-ui-listview
  • nativescript-ui-sidedrawer
  • nativescript-ui-calendar
  • nativescript-ui-autocomplete
  • nativescript-cardview
  • nativescript-datetimepicker
  • kinvey-nativescript-sdk
  • nativescript-plugin-firebase
  • nativescript-vue
  • nativescript-vue-template-compiler
  • nativescript-angular
  • @angular/animiations
  • @angular/platform-browser-dynamic
  • @angular/common
  • @angular/compiler
  • @angular/compiler-cli
  • @angular/core
  • @angular/forms
  • @angular/http
  • @angular/platform-browser
  • @angular/router
  • @ngtools/webpack
  • @angular-devkit/build-angular
  • rxjs
  • zone.js
  • nativescript-unit-test-runner
  • karma-webpack
  • karma-jasmine
  • karma-mocha
  • karma-chai
  • karma-qunit
  • karma


Usage Synopsis
General $ tns migrate
Command Description
update Updates the project with the latest versions of iOS/Android runtimes and cross-platform modules.
help Lists the available commands or shows information about the selected command.
doctor Checks your system for configuration problems which might prevent the NativeScript CLI from working properly.