NativeScript Angular

tns install


Installs all dependencies described in a valid package.json or installs a selected NativeScript development module as a dev dependency.

The package.json file must be a valid package.json describing the configuration of a NativeScript project. If missing or corrupted, you can recreate the file by running $ tns init in the directory of a NativeScript project.


Usage Synopsis
Install all dependencies $ tns install [--path]
Install a selected npm module $ tns install <Module>
Enable TypeScript support $ tns install typescript


  • --path - Specifies the directory which contains the package.json file, if different from the current directory.


  • <Module> - Specifies a NativeScript development module by path to a local directory containing a valid npm module or by name in the npm registry. When a <Module> is specified, this command adds the module as a dev dependency in your package.json.

TIP: When installing a module from the npm registry, you can specify it by full name or suffix. NativeScript development modules are published in the npm registry with the following name format: nativescript-dev-<suffix>.

Command Description
platform add Configures the current project to target the selected platform.
platform remove Removes the selected platform from the platforms that the project currently targets.
platform update Updates the NativeScript runtime for the specified platform.
platform Lists all platforms that the project currently targets.
prepare Copies common and relevant platform-specific content from the app directory to the subdirectory for the selected target platform in the platforms directory.