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tns resources generate icons


Generates all icons for Android and iOS platforms and places the generated images in the correct directories under App_Resources/<platform> directory.


Usage Synopsis
$ tns resources generate icons <Path to image> Generate all icons for Android and iOS based on the specified image.


  • <Path to image> is a valid path to an image that will be used to generate all icons.
Command Description
install Installs all platforms and dependencies described in the package.json file in the current directory.
platform add Configures the current project to target the selected platform.
platform remove Removes the selected platform from the platforms that the project currently targets.
platform Lists all platforms that the project currently targets.
prepare Copies common and relevant platform-specific content from the app directory to the subdirectory for the selected target platform in the platforms directory.
resources update Updates the App_Resources/Android internal folder structure to conform to that of an Android Studio project.
resources generate splashes Generates splashscreens for Android and iOS.