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tns appstore


Lists all application records in iTunes Connect. The list contains name, version and bundle ID for each application record.


Usage Synopsis
List applications $ tns appstore [<Apple ID> [<Password>]]
Upload $ tns appstore upload


<Apple ID> and <Password> are your credentials for logging in iTunes Connect. If you do not provide them when running the command, the NativeScript CLI will prompt you to provide them.


  • --team-id - Specifies the team id for which Xcode will try to find distribution certificate and provisioning profile when exporting for AppStore submission.

Command Limitations

  • You can run $ tns appstore upload only on macOS systems.
Command Description
appstore upload Uploads project to iTunes Connect.
build Builds the project for the selected target platform and produces an application package that you can manually deploy on device or in the native emulator.
build ios Builds the project for iOS and produces an APP or IPA that you can manually deploy in the iOS Simulator or on device, respectively.
deploy Builds and deploys the project to a connected physical or virtual device.
run Runs your project on a connected device or in the native emulator for the selected platform.
run ios Runs your project on a connected iOS device or in the iOS Simulator, if configured.