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RadAutoCompleteTextView Overview

RadAutoCompleteTextView can automatically complete user input string by comparing the text being entered to all strings in the associated data source. The control provides means for easy customization and data management.


Suggest Modes

RadAutoCompleteTextView supports three different suggest modes:

  • Suggest - Suggestions are shown in a drop-down list below the input field.
  • Append - Only one suggestion is shown as an appended text to the input.
  • SuggestAppend - Both Suggest and Append modes are applied.

Display Modes

RadAutoCompleteTextView supports two display modes.

  • Plain - When Plain mode is active, only one item can be selected. The selected item is shown as a plain text in the input field.
  • Tokens - In Tokens mode the RadAutoCompleteTextView allows multiple selection of suggestions. The selected items are displayed as tokens.

Tokens Layout Modes

RadAutoCompleteTextView provides two different layouts of tokens when Tokens display mode is used.

  • Wrap - Tokens are aligned in a grid manner.
  • Horizontal - Tokens are aligned horizontally.

Completion Modes

RadAutoCompleteTextView has two possible modes on which the filtering function is based.

  • StartsWith - Shows only suggestions which start with the typed text.
  • Contains - Shows suggestions which contain the typed text.

Figure 1. RadAutoCompleteTextView (iOS/Android)

RadAutoCompleteTextView: Overview RadAutoCompleteTextView: Overview

Angular Directives

When using the RadAutoCompleteTextView with Angular you are going to work with multiple custom angular RadAutoCompleteTextView specific directives. In short these directives are used by the angular framework to enable 'linking' between separate HTML tags into one 'complex' element.

Here is a full list of the available custom Angular RadAutoCompleteTextView directives and components:


Represent the major elements:

Selector Class (more details)
RadAutoCompleteTextView RadAutoCompleteTextViewComponent


Represent the smaller elements that are visualized in RadAutoCompleteTextView:

Selector Class (more details)
SuggestionView SuggestionView

Inline Directives

Represent the 'link' mechanism of the smaller with the major elements

Selector Class (more details)
tkAutoCompleteSuggestionView TKAutoCompleteSuggestionViewDirective
tkSuggestionItemTemplate TKSuggestionItemTemplateDirective