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Class KeyframeAnimationInfo

Defines animation options for the View.animate method.


  • KeyframeAnimationInfo



Optional curve

curve: any

An optional animation curve. Possible values are contained in the AnimationCurve enumeration. Alternatively, you can pass an instance of type UIViewAnimationCurve for iOS or android.animation.TimeInterpolator for Android.

Optional delay

delay: number

The amount of time, in milliseconds, to delay starting the animation.

Optional duration

duration: number

The length of the animation in milliseconds. The default duration is 300 milliseconds.


isForwards: boolean

Determines whether the animation values will be applied on the animated object after the animation finishes.

Optional isReverse

isReverse: boolean

If true the animation will be played backwards.

Optional iterations

iterations: number

Specifies how many times the animation should be played. Default is 1. iOS animations support fractional iterations, i.e. 1.5. To repeat an animation infinitely, use Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY


keyframes: Array<KeyframeInfo>

Return animation keyframes.

Optional name

name: string

The animation name.


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