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Interface AndroidActionItemSettings

Represents Android specific options of the action item.


  • AndroidActionItemSettings





position: "actionBar" | "actionBarIfRoom" | "popup"

Gets or sets the position of the action item in the action bar.

  1. actionBar - item is shown in the action bar.
  2. actionBarIfRoom - item is shown in the action bar if there is room for it. Otherwise it is put in the popup menu.
  3. popup - item is shown in the popup menu. Note: Property not applicable to NavigationButton


systemIcon: string

Gets or sets the name of the system drawable resource to be displayed. Use this property instead of ActionItem.icon if you want to diplsay a built-in Android system icon. The value should be a string such as 'ic_menu_search' if you want to display the built-in Android Menu Search icon for example. For a full list of Android drawable names, please visit http://androiddrawables.com


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