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Interface NativeScriptConfig

IMPORTANT: this is not generated automatically due to this issue: https://github.com/microsoft/TypeScript/issues/36763 the reference path above will get rewritten and break on compilation unless kept here Once issue is resolve we can remove this index.d.ts from repo and go back to auto generation on tsc


  • NativeScriptConfig



Optional android

android: IConfigAndroid

Android specific configurations Various Android specific configurations including Android runtime flags.

Optional appPath

appPath: string

Path to the app source directory This is often the src or app directory however can be changed.

Optional appResourcesPath

appResourcesPath: string

App_Resources path This is often at the root or inside src or app directory however can be anywhere.

Optional cssParser

cssParser: "rework" | "nativescript" | "css-tree"

Set the default CSS parser that NativeScript will use. Default: css-tree

Optional id

id: string

App's bundle id Used for both iOS and Android if they use the same bundle id. You can override per platform in the respective platform specific configurations.

Optional ios

ios: IConfigIOS

iOS specific configurations Various iOS specific configurations including iOS runtime flags.

Optional main

main: string

App's main entry file (currently ignored - set it in package.json main field)

Optional overridePods

overridePods: string

Optional previewAppSchema

previewAppSchema: string

Optional profiling

Enable profiling for the application. Default: no profiling In most cases when profiling, you will want to use "timeline"

Optional shared

shared: boolean

Optional webpackConfigPath

webpackConfigPath: string

Custom webpack config path The default is webpack.config.js in the root however you can use a custom name and place elsewhere.


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