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External module "ui/page"

Contains the Page class, which represents a logical unit for navigation inside a Frame.



Const actionBarHiddenProperty

actionBarHiddenProperty: Property<Page, boolean>

Dependency property used to hide the Navigation Bar in iOS and the Action Bar in Android.

Const androidStatusBarBackgroundProperty

androidStatusBarBackgroundProperty: CssProperty<Style, Color>

Property backing androidStatusBarBackground.

Const backgroundSpanUnderStatusBarProperty

backgroundSpanUnderStatusBarProperty: Property<Page, boolean>

Dependency property that specify if page background should span under status bar.

Const enableSwipeBackNavigationProperty

enableSwipeBackNavigationProperty: Property<Page, boolean>

Dependency property used to control if swipe back navigation in iOS is enabled. This property is iOS specific. Default value: true

Const statusBarStyleProperty

statusBarStyleProperty: CssProperty<Style, "light" | "dark">

Property backing statusBarStyle.


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