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Content page with paralax scrolling effect


    templateUrl: "./content-scrollable-example.component.html"
export class ContentScrollablePageExampleComponent implements OnInit {
    public title: string;
    public desc: string;
    public imageSrc: string;
    public image: Image;
    public flex: FlexboxLayout;

    @ViewChild("img", { read: ElementRef, static: false }) img: ElementRef;
    @ViewChild("content", { read: ElementRef, static: false }) content: ElementRef;

    constructor(public page: Page) { = true;

    ngOnInit() {
        this.imageSrc = "~/images/m33.jpg";
        this.title = "The Hydrogen Clouds of M33";
        this.desc = "Gorgeous spiral galaxy M33 seems to have more than its fair share of glowing hydrogen gas." +
            "A prominent member of the local group of galaxies, M33 is also known as the Triangulum Galaxy and" +
            "lies about 3 million light-years distant.The galaxy's inner 30,000 light-years or so are shown in this" +
            "telescopic portrait that enhances its reddish ionized hydrogen clouds or HII regions." +
            "Sprawling along loose spiral arms that wind toward the core, M33's giant HII regions are some" +
            "of the largest known stellar nurseries,sites of the formation of short-lived but very massive stars." +
            "Intense ultraviolet radiation from the luminous, massive stars ionizes" +
            "the surrounding hydrogen gas and ultimately produces the characteristic red glow. To enhance this image," +
            "broadband data was used to produce a color view of the galaxy and combined with narrowband data recorded" +
            "through a hydrogen-alpha filter.That filter transmits the light of the strongest hydrogen emission line.";
        this.image = this.img.nativeElement;
        this.flex = this.content.nativeElement;

    onScroll(args: ScrollEventData) {
        if (args.scrollY <= this.flex.getMeasuredHeight()) {
                translate: { x: 0, y: args.scrollY * 0.3 }


<ScrollView sdkExampleTitle sdkToggleNavButton  (scroll)="onScroll($event)">
    <FlexboxLayout flexDirection="column">
        <Image #img style.zIndex="1" flexGrow="1" [src]="imageSrc"stretch="fill"></Image>
        <FlexboxLayout #content style.zIndex="2" flexDirection="column">
            <Label flexGrow="1" [text]="title" class="h2 p-l-15 p-r-15 p-t-15" textWrap="true"></Label>
            <Label flexGrow="1" [text]="desc" class="p-15" textWrap="true"></Label>
            <Label flexGrow="1" [text]="desc" class="p-15" textWrap="true"></Label>
            <Label flexGrow="1" [text]="desc" class="p-15" textWrap="true"></Label>

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