Application Settings

Using application settings methods requires to load "application settings" module.

var appSettings = require("application-settings");

Working with string, number and boolean values

Set and get boolean value and provide default value in case it is not set

appSettings.setBoolean("boolKey", true);
var boolValue = appSettings.getBoolean("boolKey", false);

Set and get string value

appSettings.setString("stringKey", "String value");
var stringValue = appSettings.getString("stringKey");

Set and get numeric value.

Use this method to set numbers with floating point and up to 9 digits long. For larger numbers use setString. We use toFixed() here in order to avoid floating point errors - ex: 54.321 becoming 54.320999999537. Beware the result of toFixed() is a string not a number therefore you cannot use === or !== when comparing with a number.

appSettings.setNumber("numberKey", 54.321);
var value = parseFloat(appSettings.getNumber("numberKey").toFixed(3));

Reading values that are not set before while providing default value

var defaultValue = appSettings.getString("noStringKey", "No string value");
// will return "No string value" if there is no value for "noStringKey"

Reading values that are not set before not providing default value

var defaultValue = appSettings.getString("noStringKey");
// will return undefined if there is no value for "noStringKey"

Other functions

Checking for existence of value for key

var hasKey = appSettings.hasKey("noBoolKey");
// will return false if there is no value for "noBoolKey"

Removing value for key


Removing all values

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