Information about the current device and screen are defined in the platform module

Declaring platform module to be available for further usage.

import * as platformModule from "tns-core-modules/platform";

Getting information about the current device:

console.log("Device model: " + platformModule.device.model);
console.log("Device type: " + platformModule.device.deviceType);
console.log("OS: " + platformModule.device.os);
console.log("OS version: " + platformModule.device.osVersion);
console.log("SDK Version: " + platformModule.device.sdkVersion);

console.log("Screen width: " + platformModule.screen.mainScreen.widthPixels);
console.log("Screen height: " + platformModule.screen.mainScreen.heightPixels);
console.log("Screen scale: " + platformModule.screen.mainScreen.scale);
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