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Class CategoricalSeries

This is a base for all categorical series. This class exposes common properties for this type of series like: categoryProperty and stackMode.





android: any


categoryProperty: string

Gets or sets the name of the property which returns the value used for plotting the data object on a categorical axis.


horizontalAxis: CartesianAxis

Gets or sets the horizontal axis associated with the this series.


ios: any


items: any

Gets or sets a collection of objects used to initialize the series.


labelStyle: PointLabelStyle

Gets or sets the label style customized with properties of PointLabelStyle class.


legendTitle: string

Gets or sets a title for this series which will be used in the legend.


Gets or sets the mode in which the Palette will be applied. Not applicable on LineSeries, AreaSeries, SplineSeries and SplineAreaSeries.


Gets or sets the selection mode of series.


seriesName: string

Gets or sets name of the series. This 'name' is used when applying the 'palettes' of the Chart.


showLabels: boolean

Gets or sets the hidden state of labels.


Gets or sets the mode in which the series are stacked in case multiple series are defined in the chart.


valueProperty: string

Gets or sets the name of the property on the business entity which will be used to plot it on the provided axis.


verticalAxis: CartesianAxis

Gets or sets the vertical axis associated with the this series.

Static categoryPropertyProperty

categoryPropertyProperty: Property<CategoricalSeries, string>

Identifies the categoryProperty dependency property.

Static horizontalAxisProperty

horizontalAxisProperty: Property<CartesianSeries, CartesianAxis>

Identifies the horizontalAxis dependency property.

Static itemsProperty

itemsProperty: Property<ChartSeries, any>

Identifies the items dependency property.

Static labelStyleProperty

labelStyleProperty: Property<ChartSeries, PointLabelStyle>

Identifies the labelStyle dependency property.

Static legendTitleProperty

legendTitleProperty: Property<ChartSeries, string>

Identifies the legendTitle dependency property.

Static paletteModeProperty

paletteModeProperty: Property<CartesianSeries, ChartSeriesPaletteMode>

Identifies the paletteMode dependency property.

Static selectionModeProperty

selectionModeProperty: Property<ChartSeries, ChartSeriesSelectionMode>

Identifies the selectionMode dependency property.

Static showLabelsProperty

showLabelsProperty: Property<ChartSeries, boolean>

Identifies the showLabels dependency property.

Static stackModeProperty

stackModeProperty: Property<CategoricalSeries, ChartSeriesStackMode>

Identifies the stackMode dependency property.

Static valueProperty

valueProperty: Property<ChartSeries, any>

Identifies the value dependency property.

Static verticalAxisProperty

verticalAxisProperty: Property<CartesianSeries, CartesianAxis>

Identifies the verticalAxis dependency property.


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