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Class CellStyle

The class with base properties for regular date cells in calendar view.


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cellAlignment: CalendarCellAlignment

Gets or sets the content alignment of cell.


cellBackgroundColor: Color

Gets or sets the background of cell


cellBorderColor: Color

Gets or sets the color of cell border


cellBorderWidth: number

Gets or sets the width of cell border


cellPaddingHorizontal: number

Gets or sets the horizontal padding amount.


cellPaddingVertical: number

Gets or sets the vertical padding amount.


cellTextColor: Color

Gets or sets the text color of the cell. Use predefined colors from Color module or hex value in format "#RGBA"


cellTextFontName: string

Gets or sets the name of the font used for text. If font with this name is not available the standard font is used instead. You can specify different font names for ios and android using attribute specifiers.


cellTextFontStyle: CalendarFontStyle

Gets or sets the style of the font used for text in cell.


cellTextSize: number

Gets or sets the size of text in cell.

Static cellAlignmentProperty

cellAlignmentProperty: Property<CellStyle, CalendarCellAlignment>

Identifies the cellAlignment dependency property.

Static cellBackgroundColorProperty

cellBackgroundColorProperty: Property<CellStyle, Color>

Identifies the cellBackgroundColor dependency property.

Static cellBorderColorProperty

cellBorderColorProperty: Property<CellStyle, Color>

Identifies the cellBorderColor dependency property.

Static cellBorderWidthProperty

cellBorderWidthProperty: Property<CellStyle, number>

Identifies the cellBorderWidth dependency property.

Static cellPaddingHorizontalProperty

cellPaddingHorizontalProperty: Property<CellStyle, number>

Identifies the cellPaddingHorizontal dependency property.

Static cellPaddingVerticalProperty

cellPaddingVerticalProperty: Property<CellStyle, number>

Identifies the cellPaddingVertical dependency property.

Static cellTextColorProperty

cellTextColorProperty: Property<CellStyle, Color>

Identifies the cellTextColor dependency property.

Static cellTextFontNameProperty

cellTextFontNameProperty: Property<CellStyle, string>

Identifies the cellTextFontName dependency property.

Static cellTextFontStyleProperty

cellTextFontStyleProperty: Property<CellStyle, CalendarFontStyle>

Identifies the cellTextFontStyle dependency property.

Static cellTextSizeProperty

cellTextSizeProperty: Property<CellStyle, number>

Identifies the cellTextSize dependency property.


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