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Class ChartPlotBandAnnotation

A band annotation. The band specifies a horizontal or vertical range of specific axis.





axisId: string

The axis to which this annotation belongs.


fillColor: Color

The vertical band fill.


hidden: boolean

Indicates whether the annotation is visible.


maxValue: any

The max value of range used when positioning the annotation.


minValue: any

The min value of range used when positioning the annotation.


strokeColor: Color

The stroke's fill color


strokeDashPattern: string

The dash patterns of the stroke. An string with numbers that specify the lengths of the painted segments and unpainted segments, respectively, of the dash pattern. For example, the string "2, 3"" sets a dash pattern that alternates between a 2-user-space-unit-long painted segment and a 3-user-space-unit-long unpainted segment. The string "1, 3, 4, 2"" sets the pattern to a 1-unit painted segment, a 3-unit unpainted segment, a 4-unit painted segment, and a 2-unit unpainted segment.


strokeWidth: number

The stroke's width.


Determines the z-order position of the annotation. Every annotation can be positioned below or above the series collection.

Static axisIdProperty

axisIdProperty: Property<CartesianChartAnnotation, string>

Identifies the axisID dependency property.

Static fillColorProperty

fillColorProperty: Property<ChartPlotBandAnnotation, Color>

Identifies the fillColor dependency property.

Static hiddenProperty

hiddenProperty: Property<CartesianChartAnnotation, boolean>

Identifies the hidden dependency property.

Static maxValueProperty

maxValueProperty: Property<ChartPlotBandAnnotation, any>

Identifies the maxValue dependency property.

Static minValueProperty

minValueProperty: Property<ChartPlotBandAnnotation, any>

Identifies the minValue dependency property.

Static strokeColorProperty

strokeColorProperty: Property<CartesianChartAnnotation, Color>

Identifies the strokeColor dependency property.

Static strokeDashPatternProperty

strokeDashPatternProperty: Property<CartesianChartAnnotation, string>

Identifies the strokeDashPattern dependency property.

Static strokeWidthProperty

strokeWidthProperty: Property<CartesianChartAnnotation, number>

Identifies the strokeWidth dependency property.

Static zPositionProperty

Identifies the zPosition dependency property.


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