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Class DateTimeCategoricalAxis

Represents a date-time categorical axis within a cartesian chart. This axis type inherits all properties from CategoricalAxis.







allowPan: boolean

Enables the pan gesture on the axis.


allowZoom: boolean

Enables chart zoom gesture on the axis.


dateFormat: string

Gets or sets the date display format string for axes labels.


dateTimeComponent: ChartAxisDateTimeComponent

Gets or sets the date-time component which will be used to plot the values.


firstLabelVisibility: ChartAxisLabelVisibility

Gets or sets visibility of the first label in the axis. This is only supported and used in iOS.


hidden: boolean

Gets or sets the visibility status of axis.


horizontalLocation: ChartAxisHorizontalLocation

Gets or sets the horizontal location of a vertical axis.


id: string

Gets or sets the id for this axis.


ios: any


labelFitMode: ChartAxisLabelFitMode

Gets or sets the fit mode for axis labels.


labelFormat: string

Gets or sets the format of the labels displayed by the axis.


labelLayoutMode: ChartAxisLabelLayoutMode

Gets or sets the layout mode for axis labels.


labelLayoutModeProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, ChartAxisLabelLayoutMode>

Identifies the labelLayoutMode dependency property.


labelMargin: number

Gets or sets the margin of axis label.


labelRotationAngle: number

Gets or sets the rotation angle for axis labels. Requires "Rotation" fit mode for labelFitMode property to be set.


labelSize: number

Gets or sets the size of the text labels displayed by the axis.


labelTextColor: Color

Gets or sets the color of the labels displayed by the chart.


lastLabelVisibility: ChartAxisLabelVisibility

Gets or sets visibility of the last label in the axis. NOTE: On iOS the 'plotMode' of the Axis needs to be set to 'OnTicks' in order for the lastLabelVisibility to function as expected.


lineColor: Color

Gets or sets the color of the axis line.


lineHidden: boolean

Gets or sets if the axis line is hidden.


lineThickness: number

Gets or sets the thickness of the axis line.


majorTickInterval: number

Gets or sets the major tick interval.


Gets or sets plot mode for the axis.


ticksColor: Color

Gets or sets the color of the ticks on the axis.


ticksHidden: boolean

Gets or sets if the ticks on the axis are hidden.


ticksLength: number

Gets or sets the length of the ticks on the axis.


ticksOffset: number

Gets or sets the offset of the ticks relative to the axis.


ticksThickness: number

Gets or sets the thickness of the ticks on the axis.


verticalLocation: ChartAxisVerticalLocation

Gets or sets the vertical location of a horizontal axis.

Static allowPanProperty

allowPanProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, boolean>

Identifies the allowPan dependency property.

Static allowZoomProperty

allowZoomProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, boolean>

Identifies the allowZoom dependency property.

Static dateFormatProperty

dateFormatProperty: Property<DateTimeCategoricalAxis, string>

Identifies the dateFormat dependency property.

Static dateTimeComponentProperty

dateTimeComponentProperty: Property<DateTimeCategoricalAxis, ChartAxisDateTimeComponent>

Identifies the dateTimeComponent dependency property.

Static firstLabelVisibilityProperty

firstLabelVisibilityProperty: Property<CategoricalAxis, ChartAxisLabelVisibility>

Identifies the firstLabelVisibility dependency property. This is only supported and used in iOS.

Static hiddenProperty

hiddenProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, boolean>

Identifies the hidden dependency property.

Static horizontalLocationProperty

horizontalLocationProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, ChartAxisHorizontalLocation>

Identifies the horizontalLocation dependency property.

Static idProperty

idProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, string>

Identifies the id dependency property of each axis.

Static labelFitModeProperty

labelFitModeProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, ChartAxisLabelFitMode>

Identifies the labelFitMode dependency property.

Static labelFormatProperty

labelFormatProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, any>

Identifies the labelFormat dependency property.

Static labelMarginProperty

labelMarginProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, any>

Identifies the labelMargin dependency property.

Static labelRotationAngleProperty

labelRotationAngleProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, any>

Identifies the labelRotationAngle dependency property.

Static labelSizeProperty

labelSizeProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, any>

Identifies the labelSize dependency property.

Static labelTextColorProperty

labelTextColorProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, Color>

Identifies the labelTextColor dependency property.

Static lastLabelVisibilityProperty

lastLabelVisibilityProperty: Property<CategoricalAxis, ChartAxisLabelVisibility>

Identifies the lastLabelVisibility dependency property.

Static lineColorProperty

lineColorProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, Color>

Identifies the lineColor dependency property.

Static lineHiddenProperty

lineHiddenProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, boolean>

Identifies the lineHidden dependency property.

Static lineThicknessProperty

lineThicknessProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, number>

Identifies the lineThickness dependency property.

Static majorTickIntervalProperty

majorTickIntervalProperty: Property<CategoricalAxis, number>

Identifies the majorTickInterval dependency property.

Static plotModeProperty

plotModeProperty: Property<CategoricalAxis, ChartAxisPlotMode>

Identifies the plotMode dependency property.

Static ticksColorProperty

ticksColorProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, Color>

Identifies the ticksLength dependency property.

Static ticksHiddenProperty

ticksHiddenProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, boolean>

Identifies the ticksHidden dependency property.

Static ticksLengthProperty

ticksLengthProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, number>

Identifies the ticksLength dependency property.

Static ticksOffsetProperty

ticksOffsetProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, number>

Identifies the ticksOffset dependency property.

Static ticksThicknessProperty

ticksThicknessProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, number>

Identifies the ticksThickness dependency property.

Static verticalLocationProperty

verticalLocationProperty: Property<CartesianAxis, ChartAxisVerticalLocation>

Identifies the verticalLocation dependency property.


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