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Class DonutSeries

Defines series that represent the data as a Donut separated in segments corresponding to each data object from the source.







android: any


endAngle: number

The end angle of the series. Use this property along with startAngle to define a pie segment that will be used to present all points in this series. By default, the endAngle property is 360 degrees.


expandRadius: number

The radius factor to which a pie slice will expand when selected. Valid values are between 0 and 1.


fillColors: Color[]

Gets or sets the list of fill colors for this series.


innerRadiusFactor: number

The inner radius of the donut series. A non-zero radius produces a donut chart. Valid values are between 0 and 1.


ios: any


items: any

Gets or sets a collection of objects used to initialize the series.


labelStyle: PointLabelStyle

Gets or sets the label style customized with properties of PointLabelStyle class.


legendLabel: string

The title for the pie data points shown in legend. It can be bound to the data source object property. Note: Available for iOS only.


legendTitle: string

Gets or sets a title for this series which will be used in the legend.


outerRadiusFactor: number

The pie series radius factor. Valid values are between 0 and 1.


Gets or sets the selection mode of series.


seriesName: string

Gets or sets name of the series. This 'name' is used when applying the 'palettes' of the Chart.


showLabels: boolean

Gets or sets the hidden state of labels.


showPercentage: boolean

Set to determine if pie segments should show percentage or raw values.


startAngle: number

The start angle of the series. Use this property along with endAngle to define a pie segment that will be used to present all points in this series. By default, the startAngle property is 0 degrees.


strokeColors: Color[]

Gets or sets the list of stroke colors for this series.


strokeWidth: number

Gets or sets the stroke width for this series.


valueProperty: string

Gets or sets the name of the property on the business entity which will be used to plot it on the provided axis.

Static endAngleProperty

endAngleProperty: Property<PieSeries, number>

Identifies the endAngle dependency property.

Static expandRadiusProperty

expandRadiusProperty: Property<PieSeries, number>

Identifies the expandRadius dependency property.

Static fillColorsProperty

fillColorsProperty: Property<PieSeries, Color[]>

Identifies the fillColors dependency property.

Static innerRadiusFactorProperty

innerRadiusFactorProperty: Property<DonutSeries, number>

Identifies the innerRadiusFactor dependency property.

Static itemsProperty

itemsProperty: Property<ChartSeries, any>

Identifies the items dependency property.

Static labelStyleProperty

labelStyleProperty: Property<ChartSeries, PointLabelStyle>

Identifies the labelStyle dependency property.

Static legendLabelProperty

legendLabelProperty: Property<PieSeries, string>

Identifies the legendLabel dependency property.

Static legendTitleProperty

legendTitleProperty: Property<ChartSeries, string>

Identifies the legendTitle dependency property.

Static outerRadiusFactorProperty

outerRadiusFactorProperty: Property<PieSeries, number>

Identifies the outerRadius dependency property.

Static selectionModeProperty

selectionModeProperty: Property<ChartSeries, ChartSeriesSelectionMode>

Identifies the selectionMode dependency property.

Static showLabelsProperty

showLabelsProperty: Property<ChartSeries, boolean>

Identifies the showLabels dependency property.

Static showPercentageProperty

showPercentageProperty: Property<PieSeries, boolean>

Identifies the showPercentage dependency property.

Static startAngleProperty

startAngleProperty: Property<PieSeries, number>

Identifies the startAngle dependency property.

Static strokeColorsProperty

strokeColorsProperty: Property<PieSeries, Color[]>

Identifies the strokeColors dependency property.

Static strokeWidthProperty

strokeWidthProperty: Property<PieSeries, number>

Identifies the strokeWidth dependency property.

Static valueProperty

valueProperty: Property<ChartSeries, any>

Identifies the value dependency property.


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