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Class RadLegendView

This class represents the Chart legend. You can use this class to show a legend in your chart, as well as customize its behavior.


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enableSelection: boolean

Determines if selecting a legend item will automatically select the corresponding data-point or series in the Chart depending on the current selection settings. true if automatic selection should occur, otherwise false. The default value of this property is false.


horizontalOffset: number

The horizontal offset from starting point specified by offsetOrigin property.


The starting point for the horizontal and vertical offset properties. The property has effect only when the legend's position property's value is Floating.


The position of the legend.


title: string

The title of the legend.


titleColor: Color

Gets or sets the title color of the legend title.


titleSize: number

Gets or sets the font size for the legend title. The value must be in device independent pixels.


verticalOffset: number

The vertical offset from starting point specified by offsetOrigin property.

Static enableSelectionProperty

enableSelectionProperty: Property<RadLegendView, boolean>

Identifies the enableSelection dependency property.

Static horizontalOffsetProperty

horizontalOffsetProperty: Property<RadLegendView, number>

Identifies the horizontalOffset dependency property.

Static offsetOriginProperty

offsetOriginProperty: Property<RadLegendView, ChartLegendOffsetOrigin>

Identifies the offsetOrigin dependency property.

Static positionProperty

positionProperty: Property<RadLegendView, ChartLegendPosition>

Identifies the position dependency property.

Static titleColorProperty

titleColorProperty: Property<RadLegendView, Color>

Identifies the legend title color dependency property.

Static titleProperty

titleProperty: Property<RadLegendView, string>

Identifies the legend title dependency property.

Static titleSizeProperty

titleSizeProperty: Property<RadLegendView, number>

Identifies the legend title font size dependency property.

Static verticalOffsetProperty

verticalOffsetProperty: Property<RadLegendView, number>

Identifies the verticalOffset dependency property.


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