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Class Trackball

Represents chart's trackball. It can display a vertical line across the chart plot area and also display visual indicators (rectangle by default) at points where the trackball line crosses the visualization of a series object.


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showIntersectionPoints: boolean

Gets or sets intersection points rendering of the trackball.


Gets or sets the snap mode of the trackball.

Static showIntersectionPointsProperty

showIntersectionPointsProperty: Property<Trackball, boolean>

Determines if intersection points should be rendered.

Static snapModeProperty

snapModeProperty: Property<Trackball, ChartTrackballSnapMode>

Identifies the snap mode of the trackball.

Static trackBallContentRequestedEvent

trackBallContentRequestedEvent: string

Fired when the Trackball is about to be displayed. Can be used to provide a custom content for the trackball. If custom content is defined, the default appearance of the trackball for the current series changes. The event arguments are an instance of the TrackballCustomContentData class.


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