NativeScript Sidekick

Create a Certificate Signing Request

Creating a certificate signing request (CSR) is a prerequisite for creating a certificate in the iOS Dev Center. If you do not have a tool to create a certificate signing request, you can still create it by using Sidekick.



  1. Start NativeScript Sidekick.
  2. In the main menu bar, click ToolsCertificate Signing Request.
  3. Specify name, email and country.
  4. Click Create CSR.
  5. Specify name and download location for the CSR file and confirm the download by clicking Save.
  6. Use the CSR file to create a Certificate for Development or a Certificate for Distribution.
  7. In Sidekick, open the Create Signing Request dialog again.
  8. Click Import CER, select the CER file created in step 6 and click Open.
  9. When prompted, provide a password for the newly created P12 file and then choose a location in which to store it.

Next Steps

Create a development provisioning profile or a distribution provisioning profile in the iOS Dev Center.