NativeScript Sidekick

General Properties

In the General tab, you can set or modify the app name, description, application identifier, application version, and author.

  • App Name
    The app name is the user-friendly title that appears on the device below the app icon. This setting applies to all device platforms. To set different display names for each platform, you need to modify the respective configuration files.
  • App Folder
    The app folder field shows the storage location of your app.
  • Description
    The description of the app.
  • Author
    The name of the application author.
  • Application Identifier
    The application identifier (App ID) is the unique identifier for your applications. To be able to build for both Android and iOS, your App ID must be unique and contain two or more strings, separated by a dot. Each string must start with a letter and should contain only letters and numbers. The app identifier must not start with an uppercase letter.
  • Application Version
    The application version is used to create a uniform versioning for both iOS and Android. To enable this field, you need to ensure that the values for the iOS Application Version and Application Build Version, and the Android Application Version and Application Version Code meet the following requirements:
// Assuming version = MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (for example, 2.3.1)
iOS Application Version = MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (2.3.1)
iOS Application Build Version = MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (2.3.1)
Android Application Version = MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (2.3.1)
Android Application Version Code = PATCH + MINOR * 100 + MAJOR * 10000 (20301)