NativeScript Sidekick

Create App From Template

To help you get started with mobile app development, NativeScript Sidekick provides a selection of templates from which you can create an app.

In the General templates tab, you can find the Blank, Drawer Navigation, Tab Navigation, Master-Detail with Firebase and Master-Detail with Kinvey templates. Each of the templates is available for all of the three flavors - JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular & TypeScript. We recommend the Master-Detail with Kinvey or Firebase templates because they use an actual back-end service and offer a more complete experience.

Under the Industry templates tab, you can find industry specific templates. Currently, you can choose between two apps that leverage the Progress Health Cloud - Patient Care and Health Survey.


  1. Run the NativeScript Sidekick client.
  2. Click on the Create button or select FileCreate.
  3. Select a Template Category.
  4. Select a Project Type. Applicable only for the General template category.
  5. Select a Template.
  6. In the App Name text box, type a name for your app.
  7. In Project Folder, click Browse to set a storage location for your app.
  8. (Optional) In the App ID text box, Sidekick has automatically generated an App ID (the unique application identifier of your app) in the format org.nativescript.<App Name>.
    • To enter your own App ID, disable the Automatically set App ID check box. In the text box below, type an App ID for your app. For more information about the App ID and how it should be structured, see Application Identifier in General Settings.
  9. Click on the Create button to create your app.

Next Steps

Continue by Configuring your App to fit your specific requirements or directly Deploy and Test Your App on a Connected Device.