NativeScript Sidekick

Preview Your App

Use Sidekick in combination with the NativeScript Playground and Preview apps to quickly run and test your own apps on a device without the need to build them.



The Preview app has several limitations, which you can overcome by building and deploying your app on a connected device.

  • Plugins
    The Preview app comes with a predefined set of NativeScript plugins. If your app needs to utilize a plugin that is not present in the Preview app, you will see a warning message and your app might not work as expected.
  • Resources
    The Preview app comes with predefined set of resources, such as app icons, splash screens, and image files. If you need to work with additional files in your application’s App_Resources folder, you need to switch to the full setup workflow.
  • Debugging
    The Preview app does not allow you to use many of NativeScript’s debugging tools - for example, the integration with the Chrome DevTools.
  • Unit Tests
    The Preview app does not allow you to use NativeScript’s unit testing workflows.
  • Lazy Loading
    The Preview app cannot run NativeScript apps that use Angular’s lazy loading technique for loading modules.


  1. Launch NativeScript Sidekick and open your app.
  2. From the left toolbar, select Devices and then Preview App.
  3. Click Start Preview to generate a QR code.
  4. Scan the produced QR code with the NativeScript Playground app to run your app on the device.

Next Steps

Learn how you can Build and Deploy Your App on a Connected Device.