NativeScript Sidekick

Configure Code Editor

Before you can use the Open in Editor button to open your app directly in your preferred code editor, you need to configure it properly. To do this, you need to provide a valid path to the executable of your favorite code editor.


  1. Launch NativeScript Sidekick.
  2. Click on the settings icon, which is located in the top right corner.
  3. In the Settings view, select the Code Editor section.
  4. In the Path to executable text box, click Browse and select the executable of your preferred code editor.
  5. (Optional) In the Command line arguments text box, provide parameters that will be passed to the code editor when it is launched.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the main view of NativeScript Sidekick, click Open in Editor to open the code of your application directly in the previously selected editor.

Next Steps

Explore the Getting Started Guide to familiarize yourself further with NativeScript Sidekick or Create a New App.