You can debug apps developed with the NativeScript framework from both the NativeScript CLI and Visual Studio Code.

Debugger Commands

The debug command builds and deploys new package on the connected device/emulator. It also tracks for changes in the app folder which mean it will livesync your application when changes in your code are saved. On code change & save, the application is restarted automatically.

Note Changes inside App_Resources folder (e.g. AndroidManifest.xml, info.plist or any of the resources folders) will trigger a rebuild before resuming the livesyncing.

The debugging agent won't be started automatically by NativeScript-CLI but a link is provided for the user to open in Google Chrome. The link appears in the CLI log after the command is executed. Android and iOS have different links, but both can be opened in Google Chrome. The debugger is attached once the link is opened.

To enable the same behaviour in iOS, the command tns debug ios --chrome needs to be executed (Safari defaults as a debug agent).

To start the debugger for Android, run the following command:

tns debug android

To start the debugger for iOS, run the following command:

tns debug ios

This command starts the platform-specific debugger with the default --debug-brk option.

Note For more details about Debugger Command options, you can use tns debug android --help or tns debug ios --help.

Debugger Options

You can customize the tns debug command using any of the following options:

  • --debug-brk - Prepares, builds and deploys the application package on a device or in an emulator, launches the browser and stops at the first breakpoint. This option is enabled by default when you run tns debug and no other options are specified.
  • --start - Attaches the debug tools to a deployed and running app.
  • --stop - Detaches the debug tools.
  • --emulator - Specifies that you want to debug the app in an emulator.
  • --timeout - Sets the number of seconds that the NativeScript CLI will wait for the debugger to boot. If not set, the default timeout is 90 seconds.
  • --chrome - iOS specific flag to generate link for debugging with Google Chrome agent (default is Safari)

For more information about Android debugging, run the following command:

tns help debug android

For more information about iOS debugging, run the following command:

tns help debug ios

Debugging with Visual Studio Code

To debug NativeScript applications in Visual Studio Code, you need the NativeScript extension for VS Code. You can find detailed instructions about how to install and set up the NativeScript extension for VS Code here.

Debugging with Chrome DevTools

Debugging android apps is as easy as executing tns debug android, to debug iOS apps with Chrome DevTools, the --chrome flag needs to be passed - tns debug ios --chrome. A complete list of features, and how to use them can be found at Debugging NativeScript apps with Chrome DevTools

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