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NativeScript Core

tns init

Usage Synopsis
General $ tns init [--path <Directory>] [--force]

Initializes a project for development. The command prompts you to provide your project configuration interactively and uses the information to create a new package.json file or update the existing one.


  • --path - Specifies the directory where you want to initialize the project, if different from the current directory. The directory must be empty.
  • --force - If set, applies the default project configuration and does not show the interactive prompt. The default project configuration targets the latest official runtimes and sets org.nativescript.<folder_name> for application identifier.
Command Description
create Creates a new project for native development with NativeScript from the default template or from an existing NativeScript project.
install Installs all platforms and dependencies described in the package.json file in the current directory.