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NativeScript Core

tns test android


Runs the tests in your project on connected Android devices and Android emulators. Your project must already be configured for unit testing by running $ tns test init.


Usage Synopsis
Run tests on all connected devices $ tns test android [--watch] [--debug-brk]
Run tests on a selected device $ tns test android --device <Device ID> [--watch] [--debug-brk]


  • --watch - If set, when you save changes to the project, changes are automatically synchronized to the connected device and tests are re-run.
  • --device - Specifies the serial number or the index of the connected device on which to run the tests. To list all connected devices, grouped by platform, run $ tns device. <Device ID> is the device index or identifier as listed by the $ tns device command.
  • --debug-brk - Runs the tests under the debugger. The debugger will break just before your tests are executed, so you have a chance to place breakpoints.


Command Description
test init Configures your project for unit testing with a selected framework.
test ios Runs the tests in your project on iOS devices or the iOS Simulator.