NativeScript Core

RadChart Axes Overview

RadCartesianChart plots data points in a coordinate system defined by its two axes. Usually, one data point has category and value, which define its Cartesian coordinates. This means that your chart will need one axis that can visualize the category and another which can visualize the value. CartesianAxis is the base class for all axes that Telerik RadCartesianChart can plot.

Category Axes

The axes that can be used to visualize the category of a data point are:

Value Axes

The axes that can be used to visualize the value of a data point extend the NumericalAxis class. They are:

  • LinearAxis: The LinearAxis plots the associated data points using each point's actual value, provided for the axis.
  • LogarithmicAxis: The LogarithmicAxis is used to display values that cover several orders of magnitude in a more manageable way. This is a special numerical axis that transforms the actual values of the data points using logarithm function with a specific base.


Want to see more examples using RadCartesianChart? Check our SDK examples repository on GitHub. You will find this and a lot more practical examples with NativeScript UI.