There are a few npm packages that are fundamental to NativeScript development and are good to understand.

  • @nativescript/core

A JavaScript library providing an easy to use api for interacting with iOS and Android platform APIs.

  • @nativescript/android

The v8 JavaScript engine runtime enabled for Android NativeScript development.

  • @nativescript/ios

The v8 JavaScript engine runtime enabled for iOS NativeScript development.

You can also use a JavaScriptCore version of this runtime using the npm tag JSC. This can be useful for projects that may experience any issue with the v8 engine.

  • @nativescript/types

This provides TypeScript definitions for all iOS and Android APIs available to do NativeScript development with.

  • @nativescript/webpack

This provides loaders, helpers and base configs for all fundamental NativeScript development to debug, run, build and release your apps.


There are also quite a number of plugins maintained and developed by the NativeScript TSC which you can find documented here