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<Button> is a UI component that displays a button which reacts to user gestures.

For more information about the available gestures, see Gestures.

<Button text="This is a button!" />

Examples ​

Formatting text inside a Button ​

If you need to style parts of the text, you can use a combination of a FormattedString and Span elements.

    <Span text="This text has a " />
    <Span text="red " style="color: red" />
    <Span text="piece of text. " />
    <Span text="Also, this bit is italic, " fontStyle="italic" />
    <Span text="and this bit is bold." fontWeight="bold" />

Props ​

text ​

text: string

Sets the text shown in the button.

textWrap ​

textWrap: boolean

Gets or sets whether the button should wrap longer text to new lines.

Default value is false.

isEnabled ​

isEnabled: boolean

Allows disabling the button. A disabled button does not react to user gestures.

Default value is true.

...Inherited ​

For additional inherited properties, refer to the API Reference.

Events ​

tap ​

on('tap', (args: TapGestureEventData) => {
  const button = args.object as Button
  console.log(`The button has been tapped!`)

Emitted when the button is tapped

See TapGestureEventData.

Native component ​