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<Image> is a UI component for rendering images. Images can be referenced by URL, resource URL (res://), base64 string, font resource (font://), ImageSource, and ImageAsset.


Working with many images can quickly become a memory hog, for improved image handling it's recommended to use an Image caching library. Here are a few plugins from our community:

<Image src="~/assets/logo.png" height="60" />

Examples ​

Displaying images from App_Resources ​

To display images from platform specific locations (App_Resources/Android/drawable-XXX/, or App_Resources/iOS/) prefix the source with res://.

<Image src="res://icon" />

Displaying images from the src/assets directory ​

By default all assets placed in the src/assets directory (create the directory if it's not present) will be copied to the correct native platform location to be bundled with the app. To reference these images, prefix them with the ~ character, which is an alias pointing to the src folder.

<Image src="~/assets/logo.png" />

Displaying images from URLs ​

Images can be displayed from remote URLs. Depending on the software version of the device, insecure URLs may be blocked (http://), it's recommended to always use secure URLs (https://).


Displaying base64-encoded images ​

Images can be displayed from base64 encoded strings.

<Image src="data:Image/png;base64,iVBORw..." />

Rendering font icons as images ​

Font symbols can be rendered as an image by prefixing the source with font:// and setting the correct font-family via eg. a CSS class:

<Image src="font://&#xf004;" class="fas" />
.fas {
  font-family: 'Font Awesome';
  /* ... */

Props ​

src ​

src: string | ImageSource | ImageAsset

Gets or sets the source.

A string can be a http://, https://, res://, font:// or an absolute path (eg. ~/assets/image.png).

See ImageSource and ImageAsset.

imageSource ​

imageSource: ImageSource

Gets or sets the source from an ImageSource instance.

See ImageSource.

tintColor ​

tintColor: Color | string

Sets a color to tint the image.

See Color.

stretch ​

stretch: ImageStretchType // "none" | "aspectFill" | "aspectFit" | "fill"

Gets or sets the way the image is resized to fill its allocated space.

See ImageStretchType

loadMode ​

loadMode: 'sync' | 'async'

Gets or sets the loading strategy for the images.

Default value: async.

Valid values:

  • sync - blocks the UI if necessary to display immediately. Only recommeded for small images like icons.
  • async - loads in the background, the image may appear with a short delay, good for large images.

Note: When loading images from the web, they are always loaded async.

...Inherited ​

For additional inherited properties, refer to the API Reference.

Native component ​