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npm install @nativescript/directions



Once you have installed the plugin, import and create an instance of the Directions class.

import { Directions } from '@nativescript/directions'

const directions = new Directions()

Checking for support

To check if the device has a Maps application installed, call the available method.

directions.available().then((avail: boolean) => {
  console.log(avail ? 'Yes' : 'No')

To open the Google (Android) or Apple (iOS) Maps app with the desired directions, call the navigate method.

    from: {
      lat: 52.215987,
      lng: 5.282764
    to: [
        address: 'Hof der Kolommen 34, Amersfoort, Netherlands'
        address: 'Aak 98, Wieringerwerf, Netherlands'
    type: 'walking',
    ios: {
      preferGoogleMaps: true,
      allowGoogleMapsWeb: true,
      useUniversalSyntax: true
    android: {
      newTask: true
    () => {
      console.log('Maps app launched.')
    error => {



NameReturn TypeDescription
available()Promise<boolean>Checks if the device has the Maps application installed.
navigate(options: NavigateToOptions)Promise<void>Opens the native Maps app with a predefined from and to address and other optional settings.


latnumberOptional: The latitude. Ignored if address' is set.
lngnumberOptional: The longitude. Ignored if address' is set.
addressstringOptional: The address of the direction. For multiple addresses, add them to the string separating them with a comma.
;'driving' | 'transit' | 'bicycling' | 'walking'
fromAddressOptionsOptional: The starting point for the navigation.

If this option is not passed, the current location of the user will be used.
toAddressOptions | Array<AddressOptions>The destination of the navigation. If it's an array of addresses, then the last item is the destination, the others become 'waypoints'.
iosiOSOptionsOptional: iOS-specific settings.
androidAndroidOptionsOptional: Android-specific settings.
useUniversalSyntaxbooleanOptional: If true, this opens Google Maps using the universal syntax rather than the comgooglemaps:// url scheme. Use this if Google Maps does not load correctly on iOS, the Universal Syntax is now preferred.
typeNavigateToOptionsTypeOptional: The mode of reaching to the destionation.

Note that if there's an ocean in between from and to you won't be able to get directions, don't blame this plugin for that 😁.


preferGoogleMapsbooleanOptional: Indicates whether to use Google Maps(if installed) instead of the iOS Maps. You might want to use Google Maps app because it supports waypoints.
allowGoogleMapsWebbooleanIf waypoints are passed in and Google Maps is not installed, you can either open Apple Maps and the first waypoint is used as the to-address (the rest is ignored), or you can set this option to true to open Google Maps on web so all waypoints are shown.


newTaskbooleanOptional: Indicates whether to start directions as new task.


Apache License Version 2.0