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@nativescript/firebase-core ​

A plugin to initialize FirebaseApp in your app.

Use this plugin with any of the following plugins:

Installation ​

Install the plugin by running the following command in the root directory of your project.

npm install @nativescript/firebase-core

Configure Firebase for Android ​

To configure Firebase for Android, see Add Firebase to your Android project and follow the steps below.

Configure Firebase for iOS ​

To set up Firebase for iOS, see Add Firebase to your Apple project and follow the steps below:

Use @nativescript/firebase-core ​

🚨 Plugin requires both @nativescript/firebase-core and any other @nativescript/firebase-* plugin to successfully initialize.

Instantiate Firebase and initialize a default app ​

Import the firebase function and call it to create a NativeScript Firebase instance. Next, call the initializeApp method on the Firebase instance to instantiate the native FirebaseApp.

import { firebase } from '@nativescript/firebase-core'
const defaultApp = await firebase().initializeApp()

Initialize Secondary App ​

import { firebase, FirebaseOptions } from '@nativescript/firebase-core'
const config = new FirebaseOptions()
const secondaryApp = await firebase().initializeApp(config, 'SECONDARY_APP')

License ​

Apache License Version 2.0