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A plugin that provides a UI element for picking an object/value from a list opened in a modal popup.



npm install @nativescript/picker
PickerField on iOSPickerField on Android



Register the plugin namespace in the <Page> view using the xmlns attribute

   <picker:PickerField hint="Click here" items="{{ pickerItems }}"/>

Using a custom item template

  showFilter="{{ enableFilter }}"
  pickerTitle="Nativescript Picker"
  hint="Click here"
  pickerOpened="{{ pickerOpened }}"
  pickerClosed="{{ pickerClosed }}"
  items="{{ pickerItems }}"
    <GridLayout height="60">
      <Label text="{{ name}}" textWrap="true" verticalAlignment="center" />

Data filtering

You can filter the data by setting showFilter="true". By default, the plugin will look at the name key of the items, but you can control this by setting filterKeyName="title", assuming your data Items contains a title key :

focus the search bar by setting focusOnShow="true"

let dataItems = new ObservableArray<{ title: string; age: number }>()

for (let i = 0; i <= 30; i++) {
    title: 'Title' + i,
    age: 30 + i

Get the selected item

To get the selected item, listen to the pickerClosed event to get the selectedIndex value.

<picker:PickerField pickerClosed="{{ pickerClosed }}" items="{{ pickerItems }}" />

pickerClosed(args) {
    let index = args.object?.selectedIndex;
    console.log('Picker > closed', index);
    console.log('Picker > closed', dataItems[index].title);

Style the Picker

The PickerField can be targeted in CSS through its element selector and additionally by setting a class. The modal window opened by the PickerField contains a Page element that contains an ActionBar and a ListView. This Page element can be targeted with the PickerPage selector and through it, you can style the action bar and the list view with selectors like PickerPage ActionBar and PickerPage ListView. In addition to that, if you set a class on the PickerField, it will be transferred to the PickerPage and with it, you can style individual modals.

You can target the Picker via the following classes:

  • pickerRootModal targetting the Modal
.pickerRootModal {
  /* Your CSS */
  • pickerPage targetting the Page
.pickerPage {
  /* Your CSS */
  • pickerGridLayout targetting the GridLayout wrapper that contains all the views
.pickerGridLayout {
  /* Your CSS */
  • pickerListView targetting the ListView
.pickerListView {
  /* Your CSS */
  • pearchBarContainer targetting the search bar container StackLayout
.pearchBarContainer {
  /* Your CSS */
  • pickerSearchBar targetting the search bar TextField
.pickerSearchBar {
  /* Your CSS */


Register the picker by importing the plugin module:

import { NativeScriptPickerModule } from "@nativescript/picker/angular";
    imports: [

Then use it in HTML as follows:

<PickerField hint="Click here" [items]="pickerItems"></PickerField>

Using a custom item template

Use ng-template to define a custom item template.

  hint="Click here"
  [pickerTitle]="'Select item from list'"
  <ng-template let-item="item">
    <GridLayout columns="auto, *" rows="auto, *">
      <label text="Static text:" col="0"></label>
      <label [text]="item?.name" col="0" row="1"></label>
      <image [src]="item?.imageUrl" col="1" row="0" rowSpan="2"></image>

With the following bindings:

interface IDataItem {
  name: string
  id: number
  description: string
  imageUrl: string

this.items = new ObservableArray<IDataItem>()
for (let i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
    name: 'Item ' + i,
    id: i,
    description: 'Description ' + i,
    imageUrl: ''


First, register the picker in the app.ts file for global use.

import PickerField from '@nativescript/picker/vue'

const app = createApp(Home)


Then use it in markup as follows:

<PickerField hint="Click here"></PickerField>

Using a custom item template

Use the <v-template> element to create a custom item template.

  hint="Click here"
  for="item in pickerObjects"
  pickerTitle="Select item from list"
    <GridLayout rows="auto, auto, auto">
      <Label :text="" class="item-template-label red-label" margin="20" />
      <Label :text="" row="1" class="item-template-label green-label" />
        class="item-template-label green-label"

PickerField API

The PickerField component extends the TextField and that means any functionality the default TextField provides is also available in the PickerField component. The only difference is that by design it is in a read-only mode.


| Property | Type | Description | | :--------------------------- | :--------------------- | :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | pickerTitle | string | The title of the modal view. | | searchBar | TextField | The search bar used as a filter | | items | any[] | The source collection used to populate the list of the modal view. | | itemTemplate | string | Template | Тhe UI template for list view items of the list of the modal view. | | modalAnimated | boolean | Specifies whether to show the modal view with animation. | | textField | string | The property of the object from the 'items' collection used by the text property of the PickerField. | | valueField | string | The property of the object from the 'items' collection used when setting the selectedValue property of the PickerField. | | selectedValue | any | The object selected from the list in the modal view. | | selectedIndex | number | The index of the object from the 'items' collection that has been selected from the list in the modal view. | | iOSCloseButtonPosition | 'left' | 'right' | The position of the 'close' button of the ActionBar of the modal view. | | iOSCloseButtonIcon | number | The icon of the 'close' button of the ActionBar of the modal view. | | androidCloseButtonPosition | string | The position of the 'close' button of the ActionBar of the modal view. | The icon of the 'close' button of the ActionBar of the modal view. | | showFilter | string | Show the search bar | | filterKeyName | string | Sets object key to use when filtering. | |  focusOnShow | boolean | Indicates whether to focus the serach bar | | hintText | string | Set the hint of the search bar |




Refreshes the ListView of the picker to reload its items.


pickerClosedEmitted when the picker popup close as a result of item selection.
pickerOpenedEmitted when the picker popup opens.