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🔒 IOSSecuritySuite for NativeScript.

🌏 iOS Security Suite is an advanced and easy-to-use platform security & anti-tampering library. If you are developing for iOS and you want to protect your app according to the OWASP MASVS standard, chapter v8, then this library could save you a lot of time. 🚀 What ISS detects:

  • Jailbreak (even the iOS 11+ with brand new indicators! 🔥)
  • Attached debugger 👨🏻‍🚀
  • If an app was run in an emulator 👽
  • Common reverse engineering tools running on the device 🔭


  1. Installation
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Usage
  4. License


npm install @nativescript/ios-security


Specifying the URLs to be queried

In the jailbreak detection module, there is a check that uses the canOpenURL(_😃 method and it requires specifying the URLs that will be queried.

Specify those URLs in the App_Resources/iOS/Info.plist file as follows:



Importing the plugin

import { IOSSecurity } from '@nativescript/ios-security'
var IOSSecurity = require('@nativescript/ios-security').IOSSecurity

Jailbreaking Detection

For a simple check of whether the device is jailbroken, use the amIJailbroken() method.

const isJailBroken: boolean = IOSSecurity.amIJailbroken()
if (isJailBroken) {
  console.log('This device is jailbroken')
} else {
  console.log('This device is not jailbroken')

Debugger detection

To detect if a debugger is attached to the app, use the amIDebugged() method.

const amIDebugged: boolean = IOSSecurity.amIDebugged()

Preventing Debugger Attachment

To prevent the debugger from being attached to the app, call the denyDebugger() method.


Emulator detection

To detect if the app is being run on an emulator, call the amIRunInEmulator() method.

const runInEmulator: boolean = IOSSecurity.amIRunInEmulator()

Detecting reverse engineering tools

To detect if a common reverse engineering tool is being used on the app, call the amIReverseEngineered() method.

const amIReverseEngineered: boolean = IOSSecurity.amIReverseEngineered()

System proxy detection

To detect if the user is using a proxy, call the amIProxied() method.

const amIProxied: boolean = IOSSecurity.amIProxied()

Runtime Hooks Detection

To detect if a hook is placed in the application's code , call the amIRuntimeHookedWithDyldWhiteListDetectionClassSelectorIsClassMethod() method.

let amIRuntimeHooked: boolean = IOSSecurity.amIRuntimeHookedWithDyldWhiteListDetectionClassSelectorIsClassMethod(dyldWhiteList: NSArray<string> | string[], detectionClass: typeof NSObject, selector: string, isClassMethod: boolean)

App tampering detection

To detect if an app has been tampered with, call the amITampered() method.

let amITampered: NSArray<any> =  IOSSecurity.amITampered(checks: NSArray<any> | any[])


Apache License Version 2.0