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npm install @nativescript/firebase-performance

What does it do

Performance Monitoring allows you to gain insight into key performance characteristics within your application. It provides a simple API to track custom trace and HTTP request metrics

Review and analyze that data in the Firebase console. Performance Monitoring helps you to understand where and when the performance of your app can be improved so that you can use that information to fix performance issues.

Performance Monitoring package automatically traces events and metrics which are sent to Firebase. For more information on the automatic traces, please see the Firebase Performance Monitoring documentation. The package also allows you to performance monitor custom aspects to your application like network requests & task specific app code. All performance metrics are available on your Firebase console performance tab.


Custom tracing

Below is how you would measure the amount of time it would take to complete a specific task in your app code.

import { firebase } from '@nativescript/firebase-core'
import '@nativescript/firebase-performance'
async function customTrace() {
  // Define & start a trace
  const trace = await firebase().perf().startTrace('custom_trace')

  // Define trace meta details
  trace.putAttribute('user', 'abcd')
  trace.putMetric('credits', 30)

  // Stop the trace
  await trace.stop()

HTTP Request Tracing

import { firebase } from '@nativescript/firebase-core'
import '@nativescript/firebase-performance'

async function getRequest(url) {
  // Define the network metric
  const metric = await firebase().perf().newHttpMetric(url, 'GET')

  // Define meta details
  metric.putAttribute('user', 'abcd')

  // Start the metric
  await metric.start()

  // Perform a HTTP request and provide response information
  const response = await fetch(url)

  // Stop the metric
  await metric.stop()

  return response.toJSON()

// Call API
getRequest('').then(json => {


Apache License Version 2.0