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npm install @nativescript/theme-switcher


import { initThemes, switchTheme } from '@nativescript/theme-switcher'

// first initialize the themes
  // default is optional - will be auto-applied after initializing (*)
  default: () => import('theme-loader!./themes/default.scss'),
  red: () => import('theme-loader!./themes/red.scss'),
  green: () => import('theme-loader!./themes/green.scss')

// the later on, switch themes with


The theme-loader! prefix is used to apply a custom loader that prevents the styles from being auto-applied, and instead applied on-demand by the theme switcher. It requires @nativescript/[email protected]+ to work properly.

Note for TypeScript users

TypeScript does not know about theme-loader or css/scss files, in order to supress the type errors when calling import('theme-loader!./path/to/theme.css') you can add

/// <reference path="./node_modules/@nativescript/theme-switcher/shims.d.ts" />

To your references.d.ts, or use // @ts-ignore to supress the errors locally.

If you need to switch multiple themes simultaniously, you can initialize as many switchers as you need. Each switcher will load css and persist (unless disabled) the last selected theme.

Can be useful if your app can switch different parts of the theme individually. For example

  1. switcher1 switches button styles
  2. switcher2 switches font styles
  3. etc.
import { ThemeSwitcher } from '@nativescript/theme-switcher'

const switcher1 = new ThemeSwitcher('switcher1')
const switcher2 = new ThemeSwitcher('switcher2')

  /* ... */
  /* ... */

switcher1.switchTheme(/* ... */)
switcher2.switchTheme(/* ... */)


initThemes(themes: ThemeDefinition, options?: ThemeSwitcherOptions)

interface ThemeDefinition {
  [name: string]: () => any

interface ThemeSwitcherOptions {
  persistent?: boolean // default: true
  persistenceKey?: string // default: __theme_switcher_default

themes is an object with the theme name as the key, and a loader function that returns the theme css (css string, ast, optionally async).

default will be applied if set as a theme.

If persistent is enabled (default), the last selected theme will be saved to ApplicationSettings and automatically restored when initThemes is called.

switchTheme(themeName: string)

Used to switch the current theme.


Apache License Version 2.0