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The Device class (singleton) contains information about the current device, such as os, manufacturer, uuid and more.

Using the Device class ​

To use the Device class, import it from @nativescript/core.

import { Device } from '@nativescript/core'

Getting the device type ​

To check if the device is a phone or tablet, use the deviceType property.

const deviceType: string = Device.deviceType // Phone

Getting the device language ​

const language: string = Device.language // "en"

Getting the device manufacturer ​

The device manufacturer is accessed using the manufacturer property.

const manufacturer: string = Device.manufacturer // "Samsung"

Getting the device model ​

const model: string = Device.model

Getting the device operating system name ​

To get the device operating system name, use the os property:

const os: string = Device.os // Android

Getting the device operating system version ​

To access the operating system version of the device, use the osVersion property:

const osVersion: string = Device.osVersion // 13

Getting the device region ​

To get the country or region of the device, use the region property:

const region: string = Device.region // ES

Getting the device SDK version ​

Use the sdkVersion property to get the SDK version:

const sdkVersion: string = Device.sdkVersion // 33

Getting the device uuid ​

To access the device's universally unique identifier(uuid), use the uuid property:

const uuid: string = Device.uuid // cb83c3347392bfe2


deviceType ​

Gets current device type. Available types: "Phone" | "Tablet"

language ​

Gets the device language.

manufacturer ​

Gets the manufacturer of the device.

model ​

Gets the model of the device.

os ​

Gets the OS of the device.

osVersion ​

Gets the OS version.

region ​

Gets the device region/country.

sdkVersion ​

Gets the SDK version.

uuid ​

Gets the uuid for the device.


If you need to receive the same uuid after the application is re-installed, consider using a plugin instead.