8.7 released—WinterCG Compliance Part 1
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The nativescript.config.ts is a central place to configure your project. It allows you to configure your project structure, application id, runtime related flags and more.

Note about the .ts extension

You can author the config file as plain .js file as well, however we recommend sticking with the .ts extension even if your project doesn't use TypeScript, because most editors will provide autocompletion in the .ts file.

By default a config looks somewhat like the following

import { NativeScriptConfig } from '@nativescript/core'

export default {
  id: 'org.nativescript.app',
  appPath: 'app',
  appResourcesPath: 'App_Resources',
  android: {
    v8Flags: '--expose_gc',
    markingMode: 'none',
} as NativeScriptConfig