8.7 releasedβ€”WinterCG Compliance Part 1
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The story of 😒 or 😊 ​

We are providing a sample "vanilla" NativeScript app which shows some of the bad vs. good practices for you to run and see for yourself. Using vanilla NativeScript is a great way to see the raw examples of why these are bad and good practices which are applicable to any frontend framework integration. Each framework integration effectively utilizes these same practices for it's own various cases.

Clone and see for yourself: https://github.com/NativeScript/examples-best-practices

View bindings ​

ListViews ​

hidden, visibility, v-if, ngIf and all those "if" things ​

Rogue timers and intervals ​

Various usages of @NativeClass() decorator ​

Android tips ​

iOS tips ​

.ios and .android files or platform conditionals? ​

Optimizing Images ​