8.7 released—WinterCG Compliance Part 1
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Before starting an update, it's recommended to have a clean git branch. Having a clean branch allows inspecting all the changes done during the update one last time before committing them.

Update steps

Update NativeScript CLI

Every update starts with updating the NativeScript CLI to the latest version.

npm install -g nativescript@latest

Once installed, verify the version with:

$ ns -v
# should print the version:
 Up to date.

Update runtimes, core and webpack

For a quick update of the essential dependencies, run:

ns update

The following packages will be updated to their latest versions:

@nativescript/types     # if installed
@nativescript/ios       # if installed
@nativescript/android   # if installed


If you prefer to update dependencies manually, you can do that as well, for example by manually changing versions in package.json then installing dependencies.

Clean project

To make sure all dependencies are updated correctly, it's recommended to clean the project with:

ns clean